Current Donors & Supporters


Producer’s House

DanceHouse gratefully acknowledges the support of the following individuals and organizations for their generous gifts and outstanding support of DanceHouse and thanks them for their ongoing commitment to dance in Vancouver.

Diamond Room $10000 – $20000

Hawthorne Charitable Foundation

Gold Room $5000 – $9999

Anndraya T. Luui

Silver Room $2500 – $4999

Rowly Johnson & Duncan Wilson

Bronze Room $1000 – $2499

Catherine & Ian Aikenhead
Barbara Clausen
Bill Ehrcke & Donna Welstein
Robert Lemon in Memory of Robert Ledingham
Lightburn 4 Pillars Fund, Held At Vancouver Foundation
Linda Loo
Mortgages for a Cause
Jean Orr
Sabine Rouques
Brian Rowland
Jim Smith
Nardia Strydom
Brad Waites & Thomas Pullano

Neighbourhood of Friends

DanceHouse is grateful to the following donors for their annual support.

House $500 – $999

Susan Adams
Santa Aloi
Mary & Herb Auerbach
Ilze Bebris & Bruce Curry
Peter Dickinson & Richard Cavell
Laurie Guy-Sharp
Liesl Jauk
Anne Mauch
Michel Maurer
Laura Moore
Barra O’Briain
Paula Palyga
Joanne Rankin & James Burton
Dr. Larry Stonesifer & Mr. Ronal Angress
Catherine Williamson

Condo $250 – $499

Janie Brown & Daphne Lobb
Sheila Craigie & Jane Turner
Jane Fernyhough
Heather L Fraser
Connor Graham & Kim Nguyen
Teresa Kirschner
Robert Lange
Caroline Manders
Heather McPherson & Arnoud Stryd
Nancy Stern
Straights Fishing Ltd
Walter Francl Architect Inc.
Fei Wong

Apartment $100 – $249

Catherine & Ian Aikenhead in Memory of Mary Auerbach
Ingrid Alderson
Louise Bentall
Fran Brafman
Carol & Julia Carr
Yok Leng Chang
Andi Cuddington
Richard Dopson
Janet Ericksen
Jim Forrest & Sara Getz
Tony Giacinti in Memory of Lola MacLaughlin
Ron Gibbs
Cathy Grant
Ben Grieve
Evelyn J. Harden
Suzanne Hawkes
Jane Heyman
Heather Hyde
Lynn Kagan
John Kennedy
DD Kugler
J. Leggatt
Laurel March
Robyn Marsh
Fraser Norrie
Lorraine Portier
Pat Tipping
Elizabeth Wootten
Maxine Zalkow

Guest Room up to $99

Peter Dodek & Hella Lee
Jason Dubois & Clayton Baraniuk
Vision Impure/Noam Gagnon
Anne Gingras
Janet Kolof
Jeanne LeSage
On Behalf of Caroline Manders
Bernard Schulz
David Alfred Spedding
Ariane Tisseur
Diana Wilimovsky
Audrey Zaharichuk


The Neutral Zone


Rosedale on Robson
Georgia Straight


Government of Canada
Province of British Columbia
City of Vancouver

Updated 22 February 2017.

Photo: Post-Show Social with Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre by Jonathan Kim.

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