About DanceHouse


DanceHouse connects Vancouver audiences and the local arts community to the international world of dance by presenting exceptional companies that are recognized for their excellence, innovation, and international reputation. Over the past nine seasons, DanceHouse has presented vibrant and inspiring companies from Canada and around the world (check out the DanceHouse archive here). In addition to the performances on stage, DanceHouse offers a suite of engagement opportunities and a chance for members of the general public and the local artistic community to engage with the presented artists and their work.

DanceHouse is a program of the Seismic Shift Arts Society which is a provincial non-profit society and a federally registered charitable organization. Charitable registration number 86128 4255 RR0001.


A globally-connected Vancouver where people value and embrace creativity and the arts as essential to an inclusive civil society, cultural identity, and quality of life.


DanceHouse presents exceptional international caliber dance of scale to engage, inform and challenge, and to offer transformative cultural experiences for Vancouver audiences.


Diversity. Through the board, sponsors, and productions, we support and encourage a culturally diverse environment that reflects the global dance community.

Quality. We consistently deliver a high quality experience for patrons, including but not limited to ticket sales, venue experience, staged artistic offerings and auxiliary engagement opportunities. We build the public’s trust that we will deliver quality and engaging work. We comply with high management standards to ensure long-term financial sustainability. We stand behind the artistic integrity of the high calibre work that we present. We ensure that our donors and supporters are appropriately recognized. We take pride in our contribution to Vancouver’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Audience Experience. Through the artistic works we present, audiences have the opportunity to experience and respond in a physical, emotional, or intellectual way. We hope the entire theatre experience is positive for the audience – the physical venue. The experience of sharing the audience “group experience” is a positive and open opportunity to share a common experience. Dance House strives to offer challenging and engaging international dance to our audiences.

Education. We believe in fostering a deeper understanding of dance through dialogue and the sharing of the experience and knowledge.

Accessibility. We strive to provide a range of opportunities for the community to engage with artists and the creative offerings from diverse cultures, genres, and perspectives.


DanceHouse is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. Identifiable personal information (except credit card information) is stored securely in the DanceHouse database. This information is used only by DanceHouse internally. Your identifiable personal information will not be sold or transmitted to any third parties. Read our complete privacy policy.

Action at a Distance, Wells Hill. Photo: David Cooper.

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