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Brian Rowland - President

Brian Rowland – President

Brian Rowland, M.Sc (Admin), C.Dir is the President of the DanceHouse board of directors. His values of connection, creativity and generosity guide his professional and personal life. He joined the Board after moving to Vancouver from Montreal in 2008 because he believes in contributing to his community, and that a vibrant arts community makes a city great. He is Vice President of Operations and Service Excellence for BC Safety where he oversees the company’s operations, client care and product and service development. Prior to this executive position, he was a senior leader at Aeroplan Canada (Aimia) in both Montreal and Vancouver with a focus on improving the air reward experience of Aeroplan’s 4M members. Although not a dancer himself, he is passionate about the arts and their ability to open people up to the world.

“I support DanceHouse because a vibrant arts community is part of a world-class city. DanceHouse brings unique contemporary dance experiences to Vancouver that would not be available without the organization.”

Sabine Rouques - Treasurer

Sabine Rouques – Treasurer

Sabine Rouques is both French and Canadian. She has spent her career in various finance related functions and is now Director of Finance of CPABC. When she immigrated to Vancouver in 2008 she looked for ways to participate in the dance community and contribute to Vancouver ‘s cultural life. She has been a proud DanceHouse board member since 2011, involved in the Finance and Fundraising Committees.

Liesl Jauk - Secretary

Liesl Jauk – Secretary

Liesl Jauk is the Manager of Arts Services for the City of Richmond. Prior to joining the City in 2008, she co-founded Rebus Creative where she co-produced The Word On The Street Festival and BC Book Prizes and did marketing and graphic design for a range of arts clients. Liesl has an extensive educational and professional background in fine arts, design and communications. She is a past board member of the Public Dreams Society, DOXA Documentary Film Festival and The Holy Body Tattoo and is currently on the board of the Mortal Coil Performance Society.

“I support DanceHouse because I want to help make kick-ass performing arts experiences part of what it means to live in Vancouver.”

Ivy Acros - DirectorIvy Arcos Dahm – Director

Ivy Arcos Dahm is the co-founder of PONTO, and has been a DanceHouse board member since July 2016.

“I support DanceHouse because I love Vancouver and it needs a bit more DanceHouse.”

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once…”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Rita Buchwitz - Director

Rita Buchwitz – Director

Rita Buchwitz has worked in a variety of arts organizations as a coordinator and administrator, in addition to painting murals in the community.  Rita also works with Family Services of Greater Vancouver and incorporates creativity in all aspects of her varied roles. Rita currently sits on the boards of the Mortal Coil Performance Society, DanceHouse and is a stewardship committee member of the Marine Trails Network Association.

“I support DanceHouse because i am passionate about the arts in Vancouver and love the fact that DanceHouse brings innovative international dance to our city.”

Conor Graham - Director

Conor Graham – Director

Conor Graham is the senior accountant for Bocci Design and Manufacturing and a life long supporter of and participant in the arts. Since joining the DanceHouse board last year, he has taken on the responsibility as co-chair of the Fund Development Committee, which has been tasked with the continuing support of DanceHouse’s programming. Performing publicly for over twenty years, Conor is also a proud member of Chor Leoni and enjoys participating in musical performance almost as much as supporting contemporary dance with DanceHouse.

“I support DanceHouse because it values providing high-quality and accessible performances to youth audiences.”

Jordan Gruzelier - Director

Jordan Gruzelier – Director

Jordan Gruzelier is the Regional Manager, Facilities of Canada Bread Company Ltd. He has served as a Director on the DanceHouse board since 2016. Jordan values exploration, boldness and fun, and joined the board to play a part in, and contribute to Vancouver’s cultural diversity. The DanceHouse board is comprised of a fantastic group of people from whom he continues to learn more at every turn.

“I support DanceHouse because it offers a truly unique experience to both new and long time patrons of the arts. Engaging the community and educating through conversation and experience.”

Anndraya Luui - Director

Anndraya Luui – Director

Anndraya Luui is a sometime Director Corporate Communications, and a full-time supporter of arts and culture in Greater Vancouver.  She is associated with the two boards of The Scotiabank Dance Centre: The Dance Foundation, and The Dance Centre Society, as well as Wen Wei Dance and DanceHouse.  She focuses her energy on building audiences, particularly in engaging underprivileged youth and marginalized groups.  She would like to see more engagement and participation with the public for the arts, starting with ticket buying and attendance, and from there some donor support.

“I support DanceHouse because I appreciate its unique position in the dance offerings of Vancouver, and it delivers according to its mission: a large scale, international, contemporary dance season.  There are numerous other reputable festivals and fine presenters in the city, but they don’t do exactly the same thing.”

Bryan Pike - Past President

Bryan Pike – Past President

Bryan Pike is the President and CEO of Rebus Creative, which is known in the writing and publishing community for producing Vancouver’s The Word On The Street Festival and the BC Book Prizes.  At Rebus Creative, Bryan oversees the company’s marketing, financial management, contract negotiations, and all other business pertaining to its operations.  He has served on the boards of the Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, the Alliance for Arts and Culture, Rumble Productions. As Past President of DanceHouse Bryan is proud to be part of Vancouver’s large-scale contemporary dance series and sees his role as one of supporter of this important addition to our cultural landscape.

“I support DanceHouse because without it the people of Vancouver would never have the pleasure of seeing many of these performances that represent some of the most acclaimed dance companies in the world.”

Christopher Stott - Director

Christopher Stott – Director

Working in Vancouver’s tech sector, as founder at buddybuild, Christopher Stott is surrounded by innovation and is consistently impressed by the innovative artists DanceHouse brings to Vancouver. 

“I support DanceHouse because it brings incredible international art to the Vancouver stage.”

Photos by Mark Mushet.

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